About mRELY

mRELY is the latest innovation by TRIPTA. RELY Accounting Software users can now upload the data of RELY software in TRIPTA Cloud and view the accounts online from any computer or mobile using internet. Also additional backup copy is maintained in the Cloud of the data which is uploaded.

Currently, mRELY supports data of RELY Accounting software & NIL accounting software (by MCS) only but in future,  support for data of other popular accounting softwares would be added.

  1. Access your data from anywhere on mobile and tablet through Internet.
  2. Secure your data backup by uploading it on mRELY.
  3. Give access to your data to any other user of mRELY. (like your accountant,CA etc..)
  4. Zoom down your Accounts from Balance sheet and/or Profit & Loss A/c to base voucher entry,
  5. Multi company (All selected companies) zoom Balance sheet and/or Profit & Loss A/c and is available.
  6. You can check your invoice details from outstanding report.
  7. Export all reports to Excel format.
  8. Special report of Grey outstanding at mill for Textile Users.
  9. You can print all the reports while viewing.
  10. You can download or delete the uploaded file any time for security reasons.
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